Friday, December 26

Lawsuit insanity, part 457,496

A deli owner in New York got drunk and wrecked his car.  Most of us would have been arrested but in this case the cops liked the guy because he let 'em eat free at his deli, so they just drove him home.

Thirty minutes later the guy got in another of his cars--still drunk--and soon crashed a second time, this time killing himself.

Now his mother has filed a $30 Million dollar lawsuit against the cops, claiming her son's death is their fault.  See, they should have known the guy would get in another car right away and go get in another wreck, I guess.

I realize anyone can sue for anything, but given the current state of insanity in this country it wouldn't surprise me a bit if the town council settled the case for a few million.  After all, it's not their money.

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