Thursday, December 25

This Christmas 46 years ago

Forty-six years ago three Americans flew around the moon.  They became the first humans to leave earth's orbit and the first to see the far side of the moon.

And coming around the far side they captured the famous "earthrise" photo below.  On Christmas Eve the crew made a live TV broadcast where they read the first 10 verses from the Book of Genesis.

It was watched by more people than any broadcast to that time.

This all happened 46 years ago this month--well within the memory of tens of millions of Americans living today.

Now a couple of questions for ya:  If the government we have today had been in power in 1968, does anyone believe the astronauts would have been allowed to read verses from (GASP!) the Bible to the watching world?

If anyone had told you in that magic December that 46 years years later the U.S. would have amassed $17 Trillion in debt, and that almost two-thirds of all government expenditures would be "transfer payments," would you have believed it?

Finally: If anyone had told you back then that the U.S. would be ruled by a president who both made de-facto laws and unilaterally ordered federal agents to ignore terms of laws he didn't like, would you have believed it?

Oh, and by the way:  Even after Americans showed the world how to do it 46 years ago, no other nation has sent men outside earth's orbit.

I'm sure the Left will tell you that's somehow our fault.



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