Thursday, December 25

THE hot new sociological theory: Men are avoiding marriage because...??

A small group of sociologists has looked at the increasing age of marriage in the U.S. and have concluded that men are marrying either later or even not at all because of...pornography?

Yes, this is the hot new theory du jour.  Researchers surveyed 1,500 American men aged 18-35 and claim to have found is that porn makes marriage unappealing.

That theory is SO great for the elites in so many ways:  It's clearly superficially plausible--if you buy the notion that men get married in order to have sex, then the link is totally obvious.  And it makes men look like superficial idiots--another plus for it in fashionable circles.  Oh, and "afraid of commitment."  Cases of "arrested development."

As I said, lots of *very* attractive features to virtually all academics and elites.

Except it's horseshit.  Talk to men--not 22 year-olds who have never married--and the message is clear:  For most men (excluding a lucky few percent), it ain't worth it.  Far too many wives don't appreciate their husbands, and make no secret of it.  In fact most women don't seem to appreciate men in general.  There's the constant drumbeat of denigration.  And "I'll spend whatever I damn well please and if you don't like it you know how to find a divorce lawyer."

As everyone knows, conflict over some unknown amount kills relationships.   And women are quite clear that they don't need men.  With that communicated, I suspect men will accommodate them.

On top of which I think a lot of men have gotten sick of that attitude "The one with the pu**y makes the rules."  I realize that probably started as a cutesie, tongue-in-cheek thing but it seems to have become an article of serious belief among far too many women.

And in fairness, everyone knows some men will do anything for sex.  It's sad to watch but then it's probably how most males are wired.  A survival positive, I guess.  But it sure does lead to some super-dumb stuff. 

Anyway, because this latest theory fills SO many squares on the want-list of the elites, I suspect it will become the received wisdom for at least a couple of decades.   Meanwhile, even though lots and lots of people will continue getting married or cohabiting long-term, I suspect we'll see the rate slowly drop over time.

Eh, no matter.  Our elites have long claimed that marriage and families are anachronisms, not needed.  Government can do whatever fathers traditionally did.  And you can see how well that's working.


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