Tuesday, December 23

Survey of 16-19 year olds shows a majority thinks everything should be free

Recently a Boston university released a study of "Generation Z"-- 16-to-19 year olds.  Some of the results are both easily predictable and don't bode well for the continuation of the U.S. as a viable nation.

Among the results:  Over half said anyone who wants to should be able to become a U.S. citizen.

Interesting.  I'm not surprised:  College students are known to be woefully naive in terms of how big systems work in the long term.  This is not an indictment:  We were all there at that age.  Fortunately back then at least a fair number of our professors weren't ultra-leftists and showed us how to analyze such things.  Hint:  The answer was *not* "If it feels good, do it."

Almost two-thirds (64 per­cent) of the subjects said they thought health­care should be free.  We suspect this group did not include people trying to go to med school, but we could be wrong.

One wonders why the study didn't ask 'em if they thought food and housing should also be free.  After all, you can die just as quickly for lack of either of those two as for lack of free medical care, so wouldn't the same argument apply to all three?

One wonders how farmers would react to such a plan.  Wait, I'm pretty sure our Z respondents would simply say "the government will pay them a fair price for growing food, and everything will work just fine."

But if that's true, why isn't Cuba awash in food?  They have a great, warm climate with plenty of rain, and lots of people looking for jobs and food.  Why isn't it working for them?

Wait, I know the Left's answer to that one:  The eeevil U.S. "blockade"!  Except no such blockade ever existed.  Other nations have always been free to trade with Cuba, and have.  Yet Cuba--with all salaries officially capped at $20 per month--yes, special snowflakes, you read that right--is short of everything.

But other socialist paradises exist.  At least paradise for the ruler and members of his family.  Consider Venezuela--like Cuba, shortages of everything.  They even ration coffee, fer cryin' out loud.  In one of the biggest coffee-growing nations.  How does this happen? 

The former Soviet Union has had communism/socialism longer than anywhere else--and had shortages of *everything*, including food.   But no one tells you about it.  You might wonder why that is.

Another totally unsurprising result:  By 53 to 30 percent, they said college should be free for everyone.

And finally, by an even wider margin (53 to 25) they agreed that "Government needs to do more to help students pay for college if they can't afford it, even if it means raising taxes on other people."

One has to ask:  Who ARE these alien teenagers?  Surely you've raised your kids far better, right?  Where did these people get the notion that everything they "need" (want) should be "free"?

Which of course really means someone else pays for it.

Wait, isn't that exactly what socialism promises?

Isn't that what the emperor promised with Obamacare?  How can it be possible to give health insurance to "millions" of people who couldn't afford it, and still have the average family save $2,500 a year?  How many idiots bought that outrageous bullshit?

Wait, I know:  The parents of 53 percent of Generation Z.

Lord, our nation is doomed without Your help. 

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