Sunday, November 9

Worrisome agency figures on number of illegals stopped this year vanished 5 hours after being posted

According to the Center for Investigative Reporting, on Oct. 10 the U.S. Customs and Border Protection put figures on its website showing that almost a half-million people were caught trying to enter the U.S. illegally in 2014—a number far higher than in 2013, and higher than had been thought previously.  And most of the illegals caught by the Border Patrol were from countries other than Mexico, according to that agency.

The post reportedly lasted for just five hours last month before disappearing.

The question is whether the huge numbers were yanked to protect the administration before crucial midterm elections three weeks later.

But how could anyone even imagine the Emperor's folks would order the figures removed to avoid damaging Democrats?  I mean, haven't y'all learned to trust everything the Emperor does?  After all, he did promise the "most transparent administration in history," right?  And didn't he promise (back when his party controlled both houses of congress) that he'd have Dem congressional leaders post the complete text of all bills at least 72 hours before a vote, so The People would have a chance to see what sort of socialist crap wonderful benefits were about to be forced on given to us?

So how could any enlightened person possibly believe someone from the administration would have ordered the figures from CBP to be taken off their website?

Oh, wait, here's the explanation:
CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske said in a statement on Thursday that the stats were only taken down because the information was incomplete.
"This year some of CBP's data was posted on the website prematurely and removed later that day," he said. "One of the statistics released was the number of Southwest border apprehensions by the Border Patrol, which was 479,371." 
Fuckin'-ay right "prematurely."  Guy didn't check with his political bosses before posting that figure.  Premature indeed.
Kerlikowske said Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson already announced a similar estimate a day earlier, but said the "incomplete statistics were taken off the website because it is important that the numbers released to the American people be presented in context and reflect the full range of CBP's border operations."
And Jeh Johnson's announcement was seen by, oh, 30 people and made no visible record at all.  By contrast, numbers posted on a gummint website can go viral and be viewed by millions.  Can't have that, eh?
He said the agency will publish the full report "as soon as possible."
Of course "as soon as possible" means "safely past the crucial elections."  Or perhaps never.  Because those po' gummint folks are so overworked, they just might not get around to the complete figure until mid-November of 2016.

But don't worry, citizen:  If it was important, they'd tell you about it.

Fucking mind-boggling that anyone would believe such utterly transparent lying by these shit-heads.


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