Sunday, November 2

You know those 36,000 illegals Obozo allowed in this year? There were *another* 36,000 in 2013

Well, well, well!  What have we here?

Y'all remember the minor dust-up this past summer when some Republican watchdogs discovered that the Obozo administration had allowed something like 36,000 illegals who had entered the U.S. to stay--and better yet, had paid to transport 'em to whatever U.S. city they wanted to go to.  In several cases the gummint--using your tax dollars--actually paid to FLY the illegals to their city of choice!

Sweet, eh?

Well it turns out that wasn't the first lawbreaking act by Team Obozo concerning immigrants.  Oh, and remember the press release from Team Obozo saying they would only release illegals convicted of "minor" crimes?  Well I know you'll be shocked to learn that that too turns out to be complete and utter bullshit.

I'm pretty sure you haven't heard that back in 2013 the Obozo administration not only released 36,000 illegals into cities far from the Mexican border, but that this group included 38 illegals who had been convicted of murder.

But Team Obozo didn't lie to you, citizen.  You just need to understand that when it comes to illegal immigrants (only), Team Obozo doesn't consider murder a "major crime."  Using raaacis' language or declining to perform gay weddings or trying to claim nonprofit tax status for a Tea Party group, now those are major crimes.  But murder?  No biggie.  At least not to Team Obozo. At least not when it comes to illegal immigrants, anyway.

So where did all this new info about 2013 come from?  Hey, it's very sophisticated of you to ask.  Cuz there are lots of sources of bullshit information out there--like "Faux News."

Lord, that cracks me up every time I hear it!

But in this case the info is straight from the bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

And yes, that IS a sub-division of the Obozo administration.

But hey, don't worry.  Cuz, you know, the Obozo administration sent all those convicted of murderer to San Francisco, Washington and Martha's Vineyard.

Hahahahahahaha!  Just kidding.  Can you imagine how the libs would be roasting Obozo if that had happened?

Instead Obama sent 'em to the barrios of LA, New York, Miami.  Oh, and lots of small towns too.

But don't worry, citizen.  They're not near you.  No matter where you live, there are *no* illegal alien convicted murderers near you.

Because Barack said so, that's why.

And you can trust him, citizen, because...well, has he ever lied to you before?

I mean, if you liked your doctor and your health insurance Obama let you keep 'em, right?  And the cost of your health insurance has gone way, WAY down, just like he said it would.  Right?

Saved you an average of...what was it?  $2,500 per family, right?  So trust him, citizen.

By the way, wonder why this information wasn't uncovered by the Mainstream Media back in 2013?  Eh, probably too cleverly hidden for them to ferret out.  I mean, it couldn't possibly have been that that they weren't interested in finding out, right?


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