Wednesday, November 5

Obama officials tell reporter Obama will push "executive order on immigration"

During ABC’s election coverage yesterday the network's "White House correspondent" Jon Karl said that WH officials told him Obama will move forward with an executive order on immigration "reform" regardless of how well Republicans do in the elections.

Karl said “White House officials are saying that you can expect the president to set an aggressive, and defiant tone tomorrow. You're not going to see any mea culpas, no firings, no change in direction.”

“Officials tell me the president is prepared to aggressively pursue his agenda using his power of executive authority, where he can't work with Congress, and the big one is going to be on immigration reform. White House officials tell me that the president will move forward with an executive order on immigration reform no matter how big a shellacking Democrats get tonight.”

One can only marvel at the arrogance, the cluelessness, the tone-deafness of that remark.

But is anyone really that surprised?  This attitude has characterized Obozo's entire reign, from his first day in office.  Remember how he rejected Republican attempts to compromise during his first month in office, telling a leading GOP congressman "I won.  Deal with it"?

Oh, and the Lying Media is now running *tons* of articles on how the absolutely most critical task for the Republcans now is to offer to compromise.  And of course you all remember how they ran the same articles after Obama won in 2008, right?

Wait, they didn't publish a single article pushing compromise back in 2008.  But suddenly...compromise is the most important thing in the world of politics.

Funny how that wasn't at all important in 2008 but now is suddenly Priority One.  What in the world could account for this sudden change?

Update: Here's what *former* senate majority leader Harry Asshole Reid had to say:
I’d like to congratulate Senator McConnell, who will be the new Senate Majority Leader. The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together.  I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.
This is pure bullshit--pure propaganda, designed to intimidate Republicans.  The results of the GOP blowout signal that a majority of Americans are sick to death of Obama, Reid, Pelosi and every one of their wretched, ghastly policies.

"Work together"?  Absolutely not.  Lying Asshole Reid said this solely to get Republicans to cave on vital issues.  Absolutely predictable. 

Oh, and just for the record:  It's been 68 years since the GOP had this many members in the House.  But Harry wants you to believe this result really means the public "wants us to work together."

Keep pushing that bullshit, Harry.  Lies seem to work well for ya.  You don't know any other way to operate, eh? 


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