Sunday, November 2

Surprise! 94% of the illegals who came in this past summer didn't appear for their court hearings

Let's go back ages ago--say, to last July:  Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants were flooding across the border and actually turning themselves in to immigration officers.  They were doing that because the Obozo administration had announced a policy that people who crossed illegally wouldn't be turned back but could stay in the U.S. pending a court hearing on whether they qualified for refugee status or similar exemption.

Instead of turning them back, Team Obozo gave 'em all "letters" saying they were authorized to be here and were permitted to fly on commercial flights without other identification.  The letters also instructed the recipients to appear at a certain date an location for a hearing on their case.

Sane Americans objected loudly, claiming most of the illegals would never appear in court, because Obama's policies delivered them to cities far from the border where they could vanish into the general population.

Well guess what?  According to documents from an administration fiefdom called the "Executive Office of Immigration Review" and given to the House Judiciary Committee this week, 94 percent of those ordered to appear for a status hearing didn't show up.

So they are gone, gone, gone.  They not only beat the system (got into the U.S. without waiting years to do so), they did so with the help of the occupant of the oval office.

Great job, mister Community Organizer!  You did exactly what you wanted to do--let thousands more illegals in to vote Democrat--and valid U.S. law be damned.  Even worse, by granting this de-facto amnesty (yes I know they're not here *legally* but they're here and WILL be legalized, so...) you've encouraged hundreds of thousands more to do exactly the same thing, confident that they too will be allowed to stay.


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