Sunday, November 2

Iranian woman sentenced to a year in prison for...trying to attend a men's volleyball match??

An Iranian woman has been sentenced to a year in prison for...trying to attend a men’s volleyball match??

Yes.  Last June 25-year-old Ghoncheh Ghavami tried to attend a World League match at a stadium in Tehran.  She was turned away--as were all women who tried to attend--and detained.

While awaiting trial for this clearly anti-Islamic act Ghavami was held in solitary confinement, and went on a hunger strike to protest her imprisonment.

According to her lawyer she was found guilty of "propagating against the ruling system."

So let me see if I've got this straight:  When ISIS executes 100 civilians, Team Obama claims that act has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam--that ISIS isn't really Islamic.  So is the Islamic State of Iran Islamic?  If they are Islamic, can we conclude that Islam not only forces women to wear black sacks, but even bans them from attending sports events with male competitors?

At what point does the administration and our "elites" stop making excuses for Islam?


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