Sunday, November 2

Things are getting scarier. But don't worry, citizen.

Watching things spiral down in the once-great USA is like watching a slow-motion train wreck.
As if Obama's refusal to ban commercial flights OUT of Ebola-infected countries isn't dumb enough, a couple of academics studied a really large sample of non-citizens in the U.S.--legal as well as illegal--and found that over six percent of 'em admitted voting in the 2008 election.  Given the number of non-citizens in the U.S, the academics concluded that about 700,000 aliens voted illegally.

But wait...haven't all the Democrats been telling us there's no vote fraud?  That passing laws requiring people to show a photo ID in order to vote is unfair and raaaacist?

I know this isn't the way to win friends or influence people but if y'all don't stand up and take back the country from this whiny, politically-correct bullshit you deserve to lose it.  And if we don't demand voter ID the Democrats will keep turning this country to shit.

Of course you heard this story about 700,000 illegal alien votes on the news, right?  Or read it on the front page, right?

No?  Well, don't worry.  It's not your fault.  The media didn't tell you.

Virtually all of us are limited by what we believe.  And for 99 percent of us that's limited entirely to what we were taught or read or heard.

And at least half of everything you were taught or have heard or read is utter bullshit.

Please allow me to explain:  The *entire body* of what you believe to be true comes from one of five sources:
  • What you were taught in school; 
  • what your parents taught you; 
  • things you've read
  • things you've experienced for yourself.
It shouldn't shock you to hear that the people who teach you have a *huge* vested interest in biasing the truth to make you reach conclusions they want you to reach.

Personal experience usually trumps everything; then what parents teach, then schools, then as a distant fourth, what you read.

The reason that what you read is a distant fourth is that only a small percentage of the population is intelligent enough to both understand what they read and to weed out the bullshit.

Don't worry about that.  You're smart enough.

School is a different matter.  If you're under 50 most of what you were taught in school is total bullshit.

You're like..."How can he make that claim?"  Because I know what you were taught.

"Whoa!  How can he know that?"

Because we all know who runs the useless union-run government schools.  And that would be:  The Left.  And the Left hates the U.S.

Hates capitalism.  Hates free enterprise.

You think that's bullshit.  Frankly I don't wanna take my precious time to argue with you about that.  Get your head out of your ass.  As the youth used to say back in the day, "Question authority."

Most public-school teachers hate capitalism and free enterprise because they're fucking union members.  *NATURALLY* they regard corporate execs--and business owners--as enemies.  And they hate anything that makes individuals responsible for their own performance.

Don't worry, you'll figure that out eventually.  For now, no matter.

People whose core policies produce bad results look for excuses.  The handiest excuse is that some Great, Hidden, Sinister Force caused the faulty performance or screw-up or whatever.  People like this never say "Sorry, I made a bad decision."


The excuse is always that "the System" caused it.  "The Man."  "Whitey."

These people are morons.  Prisoners of their own imagined bars.

To say they don't have your best interests at heart would be a huge understatement.

I have a lot less problem with what your parents taught you, because that's usually pretty solid, based on their own hard-won experience.  Unless you're black or from either coast, in which case it's always global warmening, or Whitey, or Eeeeebil Corporations.

Oh, just so we're clear:  To claim *race* determines *anything* is bullshit--an attempt to intimidate you, to make you back off what you know to be true and right.  Race and sex are used as an excuse and a shield by incompetents and socialists looking for a scapegoat to blame for their own failures.

This leaves...your own experience.  No one will dispute that experience is the most powerful teacher.  Things that cause us pain are remembered essentially forever.

In fact, it's a rare person who can experience pain and *not* say the equivalent of  "Wow, not ever gonna do *that* again."  And with good reason!  If something hurt you once, chances are it'll hurt if you do it again.

And that's usually right:  The odds are if it was a bad decision once, the same choice won't be much better if you make it a second time.


Whoa, there's a huge chasm.

There's a huge difference between doing the right thing and something derails the desired result; and making choices that from the outset were stupid and would clearly lead to bad results.

Sometimes good choices produce bad results.  By contrast, bad decisions and systems produce bad results in virtually all cases. 

Unfortunately Leftists simply can't make good decisions.  Whether that's due to a lack of logic or the lack of a moral compass I have no idea.  And frankly, I don't think it makes much difference.


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