Friday, October 31

Election prediction

It's Friday, October 31, and here's a prediction:  On Tuesday there will be 14 very close races.  And in an astronomically unlikely defiance of the laws of probability, the Democrats will win 12 of these.

This would be amazing--to put it mildly--because statistically, if the entire nation breaks 52-48 for Republicans, the close races should divide *roughly* along the same lines.  If the Dems were to win 86% (12 of 14) of the close races that would be...well, highly suspicious would be a huge understatement.

Based on the *numerous* reports of people registered to vote in more than one state, and voting machine "irregularities" I suspect the number of fraudulent votes counted in Tuesday's election will easily exceed 300,000--enough to grab a win for the Dems in a dozen close races.

Two recent races showed how they manage this:  the governor's race in Washington State, and the senate race that elected Al Franken.  In each case the early count showed the Republican winning in a close vote.  Dems understandably demanded a recount--during which, miraculously, box after box of "lost" boxes of votes began to be found--all breaking--again amazingly--heavily for the Democrat.

When the tally for the Democrat finally exceeded that for the Republican, the recounts were immediately declared over.

"Keep countin' til ya win."

When combined with the videotaped experiences of early voters this year who tried to vote Repub only to have the voting machine change their vote to Democrat, I suspect the fix is in big-time.

Can't remember whether it was Stalin or Lenin who said "Voting doesn't matter--what matters is who *counts* the votes."


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