Friday, October 31

CDC puts up poster saying Ebola can be caught from a sneeze, takes it down when called on reversal

This, as they say, is some funny bullshit.  The fastidiously accurate (sarc) CDC had been assuring us that Ebola couldn't be caught just by "casual contact."  Instead they claimed it required an "exchange of bodily fluids."

People who know even the basics of virus transmission were justifiably skeptical, since they knew of other viruses that survived nicely in droplets, such as are expelled by the millions in a single sneeze.  But CDC was adamant.

Whoops.  Just a couple of days ago the CDC put a "poster" on its website saying that it WAS possible for the Ebola virus to survive in "airborne droplets."  The NY Post jumped on this, and asked the CDC if this represented a reversal of their original claim.

CDC refused to answer.  But the poster vanished from their website, and the link that originally went to it now goes somewhere else.

But you reeeeally have to believe 'em--whatever they say.  Cuz they're part of the great Obozo administration, so they wouldn't ever lie.  Reeeally.  I mean, what reason would they have to claim that Ebola can't be spread easily if that wasn't true?  It'd be like claiming Benghazi just sorta spontaneously happened--a demonstration that got out of hand.  They'd never be that stupid.


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