Saturday, September 6

Feds release job report for August. Watch as liberal media spins bad numbers into great news!

The feds have released the preliminary job report for August, which showed that the economy added...

Wait, why am I telling you this, because you already know it.  Because it was on all the network "news" broadcasts and on the front pages of all your newspapers, right?

Wasn't it?

Gee, that's...strange.  Because the emperor's boosters and cheerleaders in the media keep telling you almost every day about what a roaring fucking economy the emperor has unilaterally created--because of his brilliance and strategic thinking and quiet determination to ignore congress and the constitution.

Well, we'll have to leave the investigation of the mysterious Mainstream Media blackout of the labor report for another day.  For now we'll just do the media's work and tell ya:  The economy added 142,000 jobs last month.

Yay!!!  Excitement!!  Happy days! that a good number or a bad one?

If the U.S. media were honest they'd explain.


Yeah, that was pretty goofy.

Okay, the consensus of most economists is that just to keep up with routine layoffs, the number of people just entering the job market and *legal* immigration, the economy must create about 240,000 jobs every month.  So 142,000 is barely over half what's needed just to keep the number of working Americans level.

Fortunately for the emperor and his lackeys, despite the fact that the "booming economy" created almost 100,000 fewer jobs in August than the number needed to break-even, a different factor magically intervened to ensure that the official unemployment rate actually dropped slightly.  And that saver was...drum roll please...that twice as many Americans stopped looking for a job in August as were newly hired.

Yes, the percentage of Americans officially not even bothering to look for a job has reached a level not seen in 36 years.  But you don't read much about that, because...well, who wants to read bad news?

Wait...when unemployment was 5.7% during the Bush administration the media were bashing him as being just terrible for the economy!  So guess the media are perfectly happy to trumpet "bad: economic news when a Republican is president.  Now?  Not so much.  Wonder what changed?

And of course according to the Media the current poor economy has absolutely nothing to do with the policies of Harry Reid, Barack Obama and senate Democrats--like more goofy regulation on businesses, EPA raids on companies, the economic disaster of Obamacare and the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world.  No, citizen, it's Bush's fault.


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