Monday, September 8

U.S. Media have decided Muslim atrocities are boring

The ghastly, wholesale massacres by Boko Haram and ISIS are proving to be too extreme for the media to obscure with their P.C. smoke screen.

Solution?  Ignore 'em.  Or at least move 'em from the front page to somewhere obscure.  "If we don't mention a threat, our Emperor won't be put in the "difficult" position of having to either do something or say it's not a problem."  What reporter would be brazen enough to ask the Emperor a pointed question about something no one has heard about for months?

Recent events in Rotherham--you all know about those events, right?--should be enough to convince feminists and other leftists that Islam is brutal toward women.  But of course it won't.

Did you know rape is epidemic in a handful of northern European cities with high Muslim populations?  Oh, leftists shrug, it's just a coincidence.

No, it's not.  99% of those rapes are being committed by Muslim immigrants.  Many aren't even reported, because the rapists threaten the family of the victim. 

You'd think the governments of those cities and nations would bring the hammer down, ending Muslim immigration and prosecuting the rapists.

You'd be wrong.  There has been no change whatsoever.  EU governments still welcome Muslim immigrants and give 'em all welfare, and in many cases "free" housing.  You might ask yourself why.


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