Friday, September 5

You gotta be kidding. No, guess not.

Conservatives have been saying for years that the Mainstream Lying Media has been totally in the tank for the Democrat party.  So their stories--both print and broadcast--support Democrats and their policies, regardless of how damaging to the nation.

So here's the latest proof:  The lefty rag "Huffington Post" has hired a "9-11 truther."

Oh well, no big deal.  Except they hired this guy to cover...national security issues??

Almost every sane American understands that the World Trade Center was destroyed by Muslims who hijacked commercial airliners loaded with innocent passengers and then flew the planes into the buildings--as shown on live television.  The evidence is massive.

But here's what HuffPo's new national security hire says about it:

Oh yeah, rock-solid grasp of reality.  Cuz, you know, they claim to be the "reality-based community."


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