Sunday, August 31

U.N. "peacekeeping" forces captured or retreat on Israel-Syria border

The United Nations operates what it bills as "peacekeeping forces."  These of course do nothing of the sort, but the charade allows the U.N. to raise lots of money from idealists by claiming to help keep peace.  So-called "peacekeeping" forces from Fiji, the Philippines and Ireland are stationed between Israel and Syria.  

According to the general commanding the Fiji troops, last Thursday morning the on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights three vehicles carrying about 150 armed men--reportedly members of the Muslim "al-Nusra front" group--arrived at the Fijian camp.

The general said the men demanded the Fijian troops leave within 10 minutes and insisted they board the rebel vehicles. The Fijians were taken by the rebels to an unknown location and are still missing.
Shortly thereafter a group of armed men converged on a pair of encampments of Philippine "peacekeepers" a few miles away, ordering the troops to surrender their weapons and get in the rebel vehicles.

To their great credit the Philippine troops refused.  Reportedly there was a firefight, and the Philippine troops retreated into Israel.

The Fijians are still being held by the Muslim fighters.

I relate this story because until experience educates 'em, humans interpret names and titles as being descriptive of a thing's actual function.  Thus most people would thing a group said to be a "peacekeeping force" get it.

But as the above events show--for the thousandth time--U.N. troops are utterly ineffective at peacekeeping, because they are "armed forces" in name only:  Everyone knows their orders are to simply serve as sensors or tripwires.

Fair enough, but once the tripwire is tripped, then what?

The concept of U.N. "peacekeeping forces" is nothing more than a great fundraiser for U.N. officials--who, by the way, refuse to disclose salaries and bonuses they give themselves.

The U.N. may have been started with good intentions, but has become one of the most useless, corrupt, subverted organizations on earth.  If peace is to be kept it will be because group "A" decides attacking group "B" is suicidal--because B is not only armed to the teeth but has repeatedly destroyed any group that threatens it.

Not sure if Obama ever learned that.  His leftist parents surely didn't tell him, and he wouldn't have learned it in school in Indonesia.  Eh, not important.  Because "the world is much less dangerous today than it was 30 years ago."

At least that's what Barack Obama claims.

But don't worry:  Emperor Barack and his clever state department have a sure-fire plan: #Bring_back_our_UN_peacekeepers

Cuz a hashtag assault worked so well in recovering 300 school girls kidnapped by Boko Haram four months ago, right?


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