Wednesday, August 6

Muslim in the U.S.: Boston bombing was "a blessing."

Hinda Dhirane is a Muslim living in Washington state.  Federal prosecutors say she funneled money to a terrorist group called Al Shabaab, which operates in Somalia.

As part of the investigation, the feds tapped her phone.

In court Tuesday, prosecutors say she called the Boston Marathon bombing a “blessing.”

Think about that for a minute. 

A "blessing," eh?

This is who we're dealing with.

But they wouldn't do this again, right?  Because "Islam is the religion of peace," right?

Liberals and Democrats support Islam's advance.  If you allow them to, they will have Sharia law operating in certain designated areas before you know it.  It's happened in Britain.  What makes you think it won't happen here?

Oh, that's right:  We have the Constitution--the supreme law of the land--and our leaders defend it.

Hahahahahaha!  Barry and his Dem enablers have long-since trampled that notion.  Barry and the Dems ignore laws they don't like, and let various agencies make "rules" that have the force of law despite having no basis IN our law.

It's on, folks.  Watch for Barry's next executive order, end of August, legalizing all illegal aliens.


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