Tuesday, July 29

Summary of "Dream Act" on Wiki: comments suggest we're in for a LOT more trouble

Everyone knows Wiki is leftist-biased, but with that said, see their summary of Obama's order that his administration would stop deporting illegal immigrants who met the qualifications of the cunningly-named "Dream Act," here.  Then click on footnote 44, which is a CNN story posted the day after Obama's announcement.

The CNN piece is standard pro-Obama fare.  Instead I'd like to direct your attention to the comments. 

There are 34,000 of them.

Political polls typically survey a thousand people.  Other than elections, you almost never see a poll of 34,000 people due to the expense.

If you read a thousand or so of the comments--if you can force yourself to--you'll see why the country is in trouble.

As someone said, the U.S. can survive having Obama as president for 8 years.  The real problem is how the country can survive having an electorate 40% of whom were gullible enough to vote for him--especially a second time.  (I'm exempting the nation's 12.5% blacks--understandable that they'd vote for the first black president regardless of his lack of a public record.)

The huge number of comments to the CNN story will tell you how a cross-section of Americans thinks. 

Looks like more trouble ahead.


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