Tuesday, July 29

Federal court rules that a judge having an affair with a guy's ex--while hearing the man's child-support case!--*can't be sued*

About all you can say about the court system in the U.S. is a) it's not as bad as in most other places; and b) not all judges are corrupt.

With that said, consider the case of a judge named Wade H. McCree, in the notoriously corrupt shit-hole of Wayne County, Michigan.  McCree--son of a judge of the same name--was presiding over a hearing for child support and slapped the father with what were termed "high" child support payments and other significant restrictions on his travel.

Turned out that while McCree was hearing this case, he was having an affair with the man's ex-wife.  In fact, the ex-wife offered sex to McCree if the judge would squeeze the father and threaten him with jail time.

That's bad enough, but it gets worse:  The 6th Circuit Court has now ruled that even though the affair is a matter of record, the man can't file suit against the judge for anything about the judge's decisions while having the affair--even though it happened while the judge was hearing the man's case!

Who in their right mind would think any decision by this judge could possibly have been impartial?

It's shit like this that you'd think would eventually piss enough people off to start a revolution.  Won't happen for a long time of course--and perhaps it won't ever happen here again.  Rather, I think we'll see a steady trickle of smart, well-off people leaving the U.S. for saner pastures.

This is just outrageous.  I can't even understand how this guy can still be on the bench.  Oh wait--McCree's father served as U.S. Solicitor General and was the first black person to sit on the Sixth Circuit.  Doesn't lessen the outrage but now it makes perfect sense.

Judge Wade H. McCree


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