Tuesday, August 5

Why is this man hanging two kids from a fence in Gaza?

The photo below was taken in Gaza.  The man appears to be suspending the second of two young boys on a fence, hanging them by their shirts in such a way that they can't free themselves.

Question:  Why is the man doing this?

The caption says he's doing it to prevent the IDF from attacking the house inside the fence.  This novel use of children is effective only because the IDF has demonstrated that it does not want to kill innocent civilians.

But why would the IDF be interested in attacking this particular house?  The answer is that Hamas stores rockets in homes in densely-populated neighborhood, and often fires them from those houses at Israeli towns near the border.

Of course this novel "defense" depends entirely on the IDF seeing the children.  As small as they are, they're very hard to see from more than a hundred yards away--and virtually impossible to spot from an aircraft.  Accordingly, you might wonder how effective this "defense" can be. 

Logically, some of the time spotters would fail to see the children, and would order a strike on the target.  Instant propaganda victory for Hamas.

You may have heard stories about Muslim terrorists using children as human shields.  Because this is so outrageous, so contra to civilized behavior, you almost certainly dismissed those stories as propaganda.

Yeah, dat's it:  The man in the pic was probably just having fun with a couple of local kids. He probably took 'em both down before they choked to death.


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