Tuesday, July 29

Islamic thugs release video of them executing new hundreds of bound teenage boys; U.S. media silent

No one likes distressing news.  In particular, women and feminized males have such a strong aversion to certain kinds of upsetting news that most husbands know not to tell them.  So if you're female or a feminized male, stop reading now.

But if you're a non-feminized male you need to know the truth about...well, damn near everything.

You need to know so you can develop countermeasures.  So your loved ones don't suffer because you were too stupid or lazy or scared--or worried that you might get bumped off the A-list of D.C. parties--to prepare such measures.

Islamic terrorism is old hat.  But a couple of days ago they ramped it up, as thugs of the self-titled “Islamic State” executed hundreds of Shi’ite Muslims in northern Iraq.

Even that's grown to be routine.  The twist is that the thugs videotaped their murders.  The 36-minute video shows several dump-trucks packed full of terrified young men--some appearing to be in their early teens. They're driven to a remote site in what is believed to be Tikrit. In the next scene, dozens of them are laying face-down in the sand with their hands bound behind their back. None of them move.

They are then told to stand up and walk with their hands behind their heads as one of the jihadists raises the Islamic State’s flag. After a short walk, the men are ordered to lie down on the sand before each captive is shot in the head one by one. At least 50 are killed.

Later fifteen young men are marched one at a time to a blood-soaked rock by a river, where masked gunmen await, one of whom is holding the Islamic State’s flag.  One by one the victims are shot in the head and dumped into the river.

Rational people are reluctant to allow themselves to be filmed doing heinous things.  The significance of this video is that the thugs of the so-called Islamic State seem to be eager to have the world see them executing bound and helpless prisoners.

Think about what this means.  Westerners haven't seen this type of behavior in living memory.  It suggests that members of this group can't be negotiated with.  Which in turn suggests there is only one solution to the problem.

Westerners--and particularly soft-hearted Americans--don't want to believe this.  They simply refuse to believe that any human could do such things.  "Oh," they swoon, "these poor souls are just like us, and are simply confused, misguided, mis-informed!  Yes, that's it!  We just need to understand them better!"

By all means, take your best shot at that.  In fact, all you kumbaya-crooning leftists should try your hand, since some of you clearly have far superior communication and negotiating skills.  Perhaps your comrades failed to pacify these fellows because they simply weren't up to the demands of the task.  Surely you will succeed where they failed.  It's definitely worth a try.

But seriously: No mainstream U.S. news outlet has reported on this.  After the terrorists posted the video on YouTube it was viewed by tens of thousands around the world, and copied by the U.K's Telegraph and others, but YouTube has now removed it.  No one in the U.S. media or government wants you to see it.

You might ask yourself why that is.

Wait...this just in:  A reporter asked Obama for comment.  The president replied,  “We condemn these tactics in the strongest possible terms and stand in solidarity with the Iraqi people against these horrendous and senseless acts of violence.”

Oh, sorry...trouble with the wire service.  That statement was actually made by Secretary of State John "I served in VietNam" Kerry.

Wait...it was made by State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki.

What?  You mean it wasn't any of these lofty folks?  It was an anonymous woman at State, who asked not to be named?

Wow, color me shocked.  No U.S. government official will go on the record, by name, condemning this atrocity.  You might ask yourself why that is.

Most of you simply cannot believe what's coming.  Literally, it is (understandably) not just far beyond your experience, but beyond the ability of most Americans to believe.

It's okay.  Just as 70 years ago, a few determined Americans will step up, arm up, make some hard decisions and make the threat go away.

And then five years later the Left will be wailing and bitching and moaning about how mean the American military was, to turn all those poor, misguided folks of the Islamic State into vapor.

 she said.


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