Monday, August 4

Hamas has reportedly dug 40 tunnels...into Israel

As you may have heard, the Israeli army has been finding tunnels dug from Gaza.

Lots of tunnels

In the past you may have read stories about Gaza residents tunneling from Gaza under the border with Egypt.  Those tunnels were built to smuggle weapons and luxury goods from Egypt to Gaza, and the smuggling trade has apparently been a lucrative one for hundreds or thousands of Gaza residents.

But the new tunnels were *not* under the border with Egypt, but under the Israeli border.

You might well wonder who on the Israeli side would have helped smuggle goods into Gaza.  But of course that wasn't the purpose of these tunnels.

Rather, the tunnels into Israel seem to have been designed for a far more deadly purpose:  To enable Hamas terrorists to surface near Israeli settlements.

As to why that might be, consider that a number of the 40 tunnels reportedly discovered into Israel were packed with explosives, tranquilizer drugs and syringes.

Unless you're terminally stupid you can figure it out.

Six of the reported 40 tunnels from Gaza into Israel


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