Monday, July 14

Obama invites illegals to make a dash across the border, now asks congress for $3.7 Billion to deal with 'em.

By now you've all surely heard that Team Obama has asked congress for a special appropriation of $3.7 Billion to handle the "influx" of "children and individuals from Central America crossing the border."

Not gang members.  Not foot soldiers for drug cartels.  Not terrorists from Yemen or Somalia.  Just..."children from Central America."

Oh, and also some "individuals."

How...odd.  That term "individuals" is so vague--not to mention redundant--that one almost suspects it was deliberately chosen to add bulk while conveying absolutely no useful information.

In any case, Team Obama issued a "Fact Sheet" breaking out how it was planning to spend this $3.7 Billion.  The reader wades through paragraphs of a few million here--like an additional $300 million that would be given to agencies State Department--until at the very end you find the big line item:  $1.8 Billion will go to feeding and housing the illegals until they can be transferred to someplace else.

So the bottom line is that Obama's unilateral order not to deport illegals triggered a tidal wave of illegals rushing across the border, since they've concluded they'll be allowed to stay here forever.  And who can blame 'em?  After all, los gringos must not consider their immigration law very important if El Presidente can order that it not be enforced, simply with a letter, eh?

And how...interesting...that Obozo's unilateral, unconstitutional order will now cost taxpayers a cool $3.7 Billion that could have been spent on...well, anything else at all.

But that's okay, citizen.  The federal government is actually rolling in bucks.  Oh, and "the border is more secure than ever!"  And thanks to El Presidente's magnifico diplomatic skills, the Middle East is more peaceful than ever.  And Muslims are learning meditation.  And unemployment is at a record low.  And the economy is booming!  The oceans are receding!

In fact, with everything working this faaabulously it's a cryin' shame that stupid, outdated Constitution thingy bars our Emperor from serving a few more terms!  I mean, think of the possibilities if he could stay in office for another 8 or 12 years!

And now that we think about it, the Constitution isn't actually binding or anything, right?  It seems more like a set of suggestions.  I'll bet the Emperor could "amend" it (that is the word for it, isn't it?) just with a stroke of his pen!


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