Tuesday, June 24

Team Obama about to finalize agreement that doesn't allow inspection of Iran for bomb program

The Obama administration is trying to wrap up an incredibly generous deal--some would say stupidly generous--with Iran designed to prevent that country from developing an atomic bomb.  Here are the problems identified so far:

First, Team Obama lifted most economic sanctions on Iran and released holds on $6 Billion of frozen Iranian government funds, in return for nothing of substance.  Most people would conclude that this sends Iran the message that the administration is willing to concede everything just to get a deal.

Second, the agreement negotiated thus far provides that after a relatively short period (to be determined by the negotiations) of good behavior, Iran would be freed from any intrusive inspections measures.

If the final agreement keeps this--i.e. no provision for continued inspections--it will be virtually impossible for us to know if they're trying to develop a bomb.

I get this feeling that's perfectly fine with Barky.
Oh, and for those libs who think this came from Faux News, this is from a statement released by the House Foreign Affairs Committee.


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