Tuesday, July 15

In which Karma bites our Special Snowflake illegal

Jose Antonio Vargas is a "journalist," and an "immigration activist."   Worked for the Washington Post.

He's also in the U.S. illegally.  Which means he's automatically revered by everyone on the Left, and Democrats, and "progressives."

Not wanting to draw attention to himself and risk deportation, Vargas only revealed his "undocumented status" to close friends.

Oh, and to anyone who could read the New York Times.

Yes, in a move cleverly designed to draw the greatest possible attention to himself, the guy wrote a piece for the Times boasting about his illegal status and that he wasn't leaving.

Then two years ago, concerned that he hadn't poked his thumb hard enough in the eye of the American people, Vargas wrote a second article--this one for Time, called "Not legal, not leaving."  And BTW, kiss my ass.

Oh, and Time also put him front and center on the issue's cover.  With the too-cute tag-line "We are Americans--just not legally."  Here he is:

As you might guess, those two articles elevated the guy to what would be the equivalent of sainthood among the Left.

Having twisted Uncle Sam's beard into a knot, this charming attention-whore wasn't about to stop, but instead repeatedly taunted ICE and Border Patrol in tweets like this one:

As you can see from the guy's tweet, he's a really provocative dude.  As he wrote in the Time article, "It's my country too."

Wow, nice!  You waltz in and bingo! it's "your country too."  Hard to find more brazen behavior.

Well Karma finally caught up with our special snowflake yesterday:  Guy had been down at the border checking out how the other illegal aliens were faring, went to board a commercial flight back to the northeast and...ICE cuffed him and took him to a detention center.

Damned inconvenience.  But GREAT material for his next article:  "I was beaten, starved, mistreated, tortured and hassled by ICE and/or Border Patrol!"

I can see that on Time's next cover now!

But don't worry, Snowflake:  The Emperor will order that you be released.

You can fucking count on it.

UPDATE:  The guy was released just a couple of hours after I posted this.  And I suspect the Border Patrol will ensure he isn't arrested detained in the future.  Can't go detaining the Left's golden boys, eh?


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