Tuesday, June 24

Members of Detroit mob that brutally beat white driver not charged with "hate crime"

In Detroit a couple of months ago a man driving a truck accidentally struck a boy, who suffered a broken leg.  The driver immediately got out of the truck to render aid.

Whereupon he was assaulted by up to a dozen people (according to witnesses) and beaten almost to death.

Because you've lived in the U.S. for years, I'll bet you can guess the race of every single member of the mob.

If you guessed black, you're right.  Undoubtedly racist, but correct. 

Now let's try a second question:  Can you guess the race of the driver?

If you guessed white you're right again.

Now for the hat trick:  The assailants were hauled into court and charged.  Can you guess whether any was charged with any variation of a "hate crime" (definition infinitely vague, so as to invite highly selective abuse by government).

If you said No, you're right again.  That's just amazing, that you got all three right!

Now check this wrap-up by the local CBS TV station:
While it was widely reported the beating might have been a hate crime, Saffold’s attorney, Ray Paige, maintains that this was not an ethnic intimidation case.

“I never saw nowhere [sic], in all the discovery that we had, that they’d targeted Mr. Utash because he’s white,” Paige said.

“A kid was hit by a car and the community was out in the streets, and they were outraged by the fact — wrongfully —about his ordeal, and they attacked the man; and they should not have done that,” Paige said. “But if he had been a black male, the same thing probably would’ve happened to him.”
Ah.  The attorney for one of the assailants "never saw nowhere" that the mob "targeted" the driver because he was white.  Well that certainly settles it, eh?


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