Monday, June 23

California drunk driver--arrested 3 times before for DUI--kills again while out on bail.

In California in October, 2011, a drunk driver rear-ended another car, knocking it over an embankment and killing its driver.

The drunk had previously pleaded guilty to drunk-driving in 2006 and again in 2010.

Then just 11 days after pleading guilty to the second DUI, the Highway Patrol caught the driver doing 120 mph.  The officer reported her breath smelled of alcohol, her speech was slurred and she did poorly on a sobriety test so he arrested her.

But amazingly, she was never charged.

What would happen to you if you were pulled over for going 120 mph, apparently drunk, following two prior DUI convictions? 

Then just three months before the fatal collision the driver was charged with drunk-driving again, plus hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license after hitting two parked cars.  Amazingly, after pleading guilty to two prior drunk-driving charges and being arrested for doing 120 mph with alcohol on her breath, the California judge released her on bail.

What bizarre legal system would release someone with this sort of record after their 4th DUI?

Do you think you would get that kind of lenient treatment?


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