Saturday, April 26

High school principal breaks state law; media applauds

Barack Obama has broken the law so many times--with the full approval of U.S. liberals--that fashionable libs at all levels of gummint have decided to try their hand.  In this case it's a liberal principal of a Wisconsin high school named Mary Kelley.

Wisconsin law requires all public schools will "offer" the pledge of allegiance every day.  But Kelley--like all good libs--didn't want to do that, so...the school she ran simply did as she wanted.

One family thought this lawbreaking set a bad example, and politely called it to Kelley's attention.  Kelley hemmed and hawed and said she'd look into the matter, but nothing changed.

After several months the family went to the school board, acquainting them with the state's law on the matter, and shortly thereafter the school started complying...for awhile.  But liberals and "progressives" know that if you find a law you don't like, just do whatever you want to do--cuz, you know, what matters is intentions.  After all, the president can choose the laws he wants to disregard, so why can't all of us follow his example?

So the school began to omit "under God" from the pledge, before settling on replacing the word "God" with "peace."

Now, I understand the arguments about not forcing anyone to either recite the pledge or stand when it's being recited--and no one has claimed the schools were doing either one.  I can also understand that one can make a case for doing away with the pledge entirely.  Finally, I fully agree that legislatures pass lots of utterly dumb laws.  Obamacare, for example.

But to simply decide not to follow the law--what a fabulous example to set for teenagers!  It shows 'em that laws are really arbitrary and meaningless.  Sets them on a good course in life--they could grow up to be president or something.

And in case you thought the school board would take a dim view of Kelley's lawbreaking, she still has her job, and isn't likely to lose it.  Cuz, you know, Wisconsin has a really powerful teachers' union.

All told, a very inspirational story.  Barack's leadership is paying dividends.  He really has "fundamentally changed the country," just as he promised.


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