Saturday, April 26

Issues leading up to 2016

If you're a Democrat strategist, what issues do you push--and instruct your media allies to push--to win the presidency again in 2016? 

Equally important, what do you instruct the media to ignore?

You push the totally fabricated notion that "the Republicans are waging war on women!"  That voter ID laws are really attempts to keep minorities from voting.  That Republicans will push granny off the cliff, take food out of the mouths of kiddies and take "free" health care away from needy Americans.

Oh, and that Republicans are anti-immigrant.  And racist.

And you can count on your media allies to not print or broadcast a word about the vast number of illegalities or screwups by Democrats, whether old or current:
  • the lousy economy 
  • wide-open borders
  • the administration's refusal to obey existing immigration laws 
  • major cuts in defense funding
  • Eric Holder's bogus invocation of "executive privilege" to refuse to testify before congress on who knew what about the government's program to smuggle military-grade guns to Mexican drug cartels;
  • letting General Motors avoid a costly recall to fix ignition-switch problems that had caused a dozen deaths;
  • releasing $6 Billion in Iranian government funds that had been frozen as part of the international sanctions on Iran, in return for a totally illusory promise by the mullahs not to continue to develop nuclear weapons;
  • record numbers on food stamps (if the media mention this it will be to praise Obama and the Dems for being so compassionate--with your money)
  • huge and unchallenged fraud in Medicaid and Medicare
  • higher health insurance premiums--and higher deductibles--for most Americans thanks to Obamacare.
  • government intentionally letting illegal aliens sign up for Obamacare without asking about their citizenship, and 
  • refusal to obey their own signature health care law.
If you get your information from the Lying Media you won't hear much about any of those issues.


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