Sunday, April 27

Obama vs. Putin: U.S. journolists [sic] think Obie is SO cool! But Reality begs to differ.

The Daily Beast says “Putin Halts All Talks With White House”--a move to which Obama responded by vowing to talk louder

The LA Times headline screams it out: “Obama counsels diplomacy in dealing with Russia, China, North Korea”. The article adds “His explicit message throughout has been about using diplomatic tools to respond to threats from Russia, China and North Korea.”

"Don’t you want to listen to me Vladimir? There was a time everyone wanted to listen to me.  Because I'm the first black (well, half black) president of the once-great nation known as the United States of America!"

Must be a real pisser when you pick up the hotline and no one picks up on the other end, eh Sparky?

Of course the Russkies could still do that one better:  Answer the phone, record your plaintive, useless, gutless bleatings--and then release the tapes.

But you keep on with the "smaht diplomacy," cupcake.  Cuz, you know, that impresses the real thugs SO much!

Keep it up, mainstream media reporters.  Keep telling us how smaht and clever Obama and Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are.

Enjoy the ride, assholes.  Hope you've got kids.


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