Sunday, December 15

Banana republic? Us? Nah, no way.

Conservatives have been asking what would happen after January 1st when people who *thought* they'd signed up for Obamacare but hadn't actually succeeded, or had signed up but hadn't paid and didn't intend to, or were typical low-information types who'd heard they suddenly were gonna get free health insurance and suddenly started showing up at emergency rooms or doctors offices.

The betting was that Obama would simply decree that everyone who'd tried to sign up would be deemed insured.

If you think that sounds outrageously absurd, even libelous, remember that Obama has already issued decrees violating U.S. law on several occasions, and no one has done anything to stop him.  His decrees haven't even been "executive orders," which are signed and leave a paper record, but have come down either as orders to federal agencies--like the one ordering immigration officials not to deport illegals if they were brought to the U.S. as children--or simply as press releases, typically on Friday afternoon.

Sure enough, here we go again:
On Thursday afternoon, the Department of Health and Human Services said it was “strongly encouraging” insurers to help the department fix a raft of problems created by the rocky rollout of President Obama’s health care law.

Among the guidance the HHS announced that it's requiring insurers to accept payments until Dec. 31 for coverage starting on Jan. 1.  It is also “urging” insurers to give individuals more time beyond that to pay for coverage.
"Urging insurers..."  Such a charming euphemism.  Does anyone doubt that in light of the amazing coincidences of critics of Obozocare suddenly being summoned for IRS audits, the insurance execs will calculate--correctly--that they'd better "voluntarily" do whatever Obozo's minions "urge"?

Folks, we've become a banana republic--whatever the dictator suggests is magically done.  And no paper trail.


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