Sunday, December 15

"Down the memory hole"

Hours after the Denver high-school student opened fire in his school, killing another student and wounding a second before killing himself, a reporter for the Denver Post got an interview with one of the shooter's classmates. 

The classmate described the shooter as "a very opinionated socialist."  The reporter included this quote in the story, and the Post published it.

But oddly, the next day, in the updated version of the story the word "socialist" had vanished.

So...did the reporter discover she'd made a mistake and correct her story?  Did the student she interviewed have second thoughts?  Someone decided to ask the Post's "senior editor for news/investigations, one Lee Ann Colacioppo.  Here's her...interesting response:

We decided not to have another student apply a label to the shooter — a label the student likely didn't even understand.
"A label the student likely didn't even understand," eh?  How...condescending.  How...elitist; authoritarian.  How...Orwellian, in the sense that phrases or facts that might discomfort the party would be quickly dropped down the "memory hole."

Keep in mind here that the "socialist" tag wasn't dreamed up by the editors but was a direct quote from a student who'd attended classes with the shooter.  But because the term offended the socialists at the Post, it had to disappear.

How many times a year does this same thing happen, without the public knowing?

I lived in Colorado for four years, and IMHO the Denver Post was a thoroughly leftist, Democrat paper.  Apparently that hasn't changed.


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