Monday, October 21

Stealing from your children

Unless you're a political junkie with a strong math background--and that's a very small club--chances are that you know very little about government debt and compound interest.  So please let me try to remedy that.

It's a cliche in politics that if you want to steal from somebody, steal from future generations, since they don't vote yet and can't write letters to the editor.  Seriously, all pols know they can steal from future generations without anyone saying a critical word.

The federal government has been spending more than it take in--far, far more--for years.  But in the last decade the government's annual deficits have started to increase exponentially.  (See this graph.)
  So how in the world could politicians not recognize that their huge deficits were unsustainable?
  Did they just not realize the deficits were so large?
  Did they not realize that each wonderful, oh, absolutely necessary new federal program they voted into existence would make that deficit even worse?
  Were they so fatally dumb that they didn't think any of it would ever have a negative impact on the country?

Unfortunately it's hard to get a straight answer from any politician on those points.  In fact, not a single Democrat politcian will go on the record saying that our enormous debt is a bad thing--at least not while Duh Won is prez. 

Of course they saw things much differently when *Bush* was president. 

Example:  During King Barack's brief tenure as a U.S. senator he opined that deficits were baaad, very bad.  But does he still think so?  Obviously not.  So when was he lying:  then or now?

As John Gabriel put it,
Math doesn’t care about fairness or good intentions. Two plus two doesn’t equal 33 after you factor in a secret "Social Justice" multiplier. And if our current president accumulates debt at the rate of his first four-plus years, the national debt will be $22 trillion by the time leaves office.
Oh, and in case you missed it, after the shutdown ended the nation's debt increased by almost a third of a trillion bucks in a single day.

A third of a Trillion dollars.  In a single day.  Bet you hadn't heard that.  And if you hadn't until now, ask yourself why the media didn't see fit to tell you.  They must think it's trivial, not worth reporting.

Or they're covering for King Barry.  Which one do you think it is?


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