Saturday, October 19

Numbers? Just tools to repress women and people of color...

Do numbers mean anything at all?

Apparently Lieberals [sic] and Democrats don't think so.  Reason?  The graph below, and how the Dems responded to it.

The graph is of U.S. government debt.  Clearly it's exploded exponentially.  Smart people would read the numbers, realize what was happening and cut spending.

So predictably, our gutless, corrupt political "leaders" conspire to keep the exponential growth right on track.

The stupid rat-bastards won't even cut spending a dime.  Democrat Harry Reid and Obama manage to block even the most modest cuts.  Which is why I wrote that they apparently don't grasp the significance of the numbers that produced the above graph.

That's okay, citizen:  Numbers are really just meaningless symbols used by insiders to repress women and people of color!  They don't mean anything.  Really.  Trust us.  You can trust us Democrats because we're really, really smart.  After all, we've managed to get government subsidies for ourselves to pay the higher costs of health insurance under Obamacare, so....uh...

Say it all together now:  "Yes we can!  Hope and change!
                                       Yes we can!  Hope and change!


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