Sunday, October 20

One woman's response to a tragedy

I don't usually write about stories like the following because life is full of people undergoing personal tragedies.  They're usually random and offer no wider lesson for improving our future.

This one's different.

In Memphis last Thursday two women left two children--ages 2 and 3--alone as they went...somewhere.

A fire started in the apartment and the two children died.

A TV news crew was interviewing one of the women who lived in the apartment, who was also the aunt of one of the two children.  At the end of the two-minute interview the newser asked the woman if she regretted leaving the kids alone. 

It's the kind of standard question they ask just to get emotional footage.  No one expects any other answer than a wailing "Lord, I wish we hadn't left 'em alone!" or similar.

In this case, though, the answer was surprising:  The aunt of the 3-year-old who'd just been killed in the fire said she had no regrets about leaving the children alone.  Her concern was to get into the apartment to see if the fire had damaged...her EBT card.

I realize that after horrible events many people go into a state of shock and often say or do all manner of bizarre things.  Perhaps this woman was in such a state--although she seemed normal enough during the rest of the interview.

The link above goes to the video.  The woman appears about 20 seconds before the end.

Without the vid I wouldn't have believed it.


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