Saturday, November 23

Obama changes law by decree again, moves sign-up date to a week after critical 2014 election

Once again Obama has reportedly changed provisions of a U.S. law by decreeing that it be as he wants.

That's normally an impeachable offense, but you know...

The second-year start date for enrolling in Obamacare had been October 15th of next year--just three weeks before the crucial midterm election.

With millions of people discovering that Obamacare has made their health insurance premiums go way up, it didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that starting the enrollment just before the election might result in millions of young voters discovering just how much they were gonna' be forced to pay for health insurance that most of 'em didn't want in the first place.

So Obama has unilaterally delayed the second-year start of enrollment one month, to Nov. 15, 2014--conveniently putting the discovery date a week *after* the election instead of three weeks before.

If a Republican had changed a law by decree in a way that removed a huge election burden for Republicans, do you think the Lying Media would lead every news broadcast for a month with this story?  Damn right they would.  But with Duh Won in charge they simply print the official cover story issued by the White House and move on.

The cover story is on display to perfection in the Bloomberg article at the link, which begins not with a blast at the unilateral change of a law, but with this:
President Obama is seeking to give consumers more time and options to enroll in Affordable Care Act health plans...
Isn't it *wonderful* how our dreamy preezy is always looking out for us?  If a careless congress writes a provision of a law so it doesn't give us enough time to study the many options available to us under His health-care law, he'll change it to give us more time!  That's so much faster and easier than the old-fashioned way of trying to get *congress* to do it.

After all, it *is* the president's law, right?  So he can change it however he wants.  I mean, like, duh!


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