Friday, November 22

50th anniversary of JFK assassination, and history is being re-written

History is constantly being re-written.

Latest case in point:  Fox ran an un-attributed piece on the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination, which included the following:
In the grainy yet indelible image caught on the amateur footage that would come to be known as the Zapruder film, Kennedy’s head snaps forward and he slumps next to the horrified first lady.
That's the opposite of what actually happened, but if you're under 40 or so, chances are high that you don't know much about the Kennedy assassination.  You heard he was shot by a lone gunman who is variously described as a right-wing nut or a communist.  And you may remember there was something odd a couple of days later:  Oh yeah, just two days later the alleged shooter was shot and killed while in police custody.  How...curious.

What you don't know is the completely bullshit story the government tried to foist off on the public in releasing information on the assassination, from the outset.

The official story was that the killing was the work of a lone shooter--Oswald--who supposedly fired 3 shots within 5 seconds.  Kennedy was hit by two shots.

But buried in the report were some critical details that made the official story unlikely:  Oswald was firing at a target moving in a car, at a distance of roughly 80 yards.  Later testing would show that the scope on his rifle had never been "sighted in," and was in fact off far enough that any shots would have missed the sight's aim-point by several feet at 80 yards.

Also, between the impact of the shots--described as the first and third--the line of sight between the  alleged firing position on the 6th floor of a building and the point of impact was blocked by the leafy branches of a tree.  The chances of being able to re-acquire the distant target just after Kennedy's limo cleared the tree--in the known time interval between shots--are virtually zero.

Most of the implausibility of the official "lone-gunman" story comes from a spectator who was filming the president's limo from about 60 feet away--showing the president during the entire interval of shots.

The man was Abraham Zapruder, and his 8-millimeter color movie film captured evidence that utterly demolished the official story--at least to anyone with a knowledge of basic physics.  Moreover, the camera's frame rate provided timing of the entire event with an accuracy of 1/18th of a second.

Kennedy was hit by two shots.  The first struck the back of his neck almost on the centerline and exited the throat at the collar button.  On Zapruder's film Kennedy can be seen moving both hands to his throat in reaction.

Seconds later a second shot hit Kennedy's head.  The film clearly shows Kennedy's head snapping backward and to his left. 

This shot also blew off a hand-sized piece of the president's skull--which flew backward, landing on the trunk of the limo.  This was confirmed by the Secret Service agent riding on the back bumper, as well as the president's wife.

Both the recoil direction of the president's head and the trajectory of the skull fragment are clearly inconsistent with a shot from behind.  Yet the official government conclusion is that there was only one assassin and that he fired from behind (as he obviously had to have done if the alleged "firing position" was 80 yards behind the limo).

Given the filmed evidence of the recoil of the head and the path of the skull fragmement, for the Warren Report to claim the head-shot came from behind so obviously violates the laws of physics that one must be amazed either at the ignorance (thus incompetence) of the men who signed off on the piece of crap report, or at the audacity of the one or two "steerers" on the commission or its staff who essentially dragged the report to its bullshit conclusion.

But of course the average person doesn't know even the most basic principles of physics.  Only a small percentage of college students have to take it, and most of those don't remember much about it.

But that still leaves several thousand Americans who *do* know basic physics.  And of those thousands it's hard to believe no one pointed out the obvious physical contradiction to the Warren Commission staff or memers.

You really have to see the Zapruder film to see how obvious it is that the fatal headshot couldn't have come from behind--and thus to grasp the brazenness of the lie that's the official story.

And now a nameless munchkin at Fox has written a summary of the damning evidence as the president's head "snapping forward"--thus consistent with a shot from behind, as the official story claimed.

It's bullshit.  And you can see it for yourself. (Caution: Extremely unsettling.)

It's also extremely enlightening to walk around the shooting scene, stand behind the wooden fence at the top of the grassy knoll and ponder the sight lines and shot distances.

And if you're interested in learning more, the book "Best Evidence" is the best one I've found about the scores of glaring errors or inconsistencies in the Warren Report.  You really won't believe there could have been so many documented contradictions.

When the Warren Report was released, the guy who would later write the book was taking physics in college.  After seeing the Zapruder film he mentioned to his professor that the Warren Commission's conclusion contradicted the laws of physics.

The prof asked him to explain--which the student did--and the prof just smiled and ended the conversation with some dismissive comment.  (Hard to imagine, eh?)

Turns out the prof had been a staffer on the Warren Commission.  The student knew that, and realized that the professor had to have spotted exactly the same physics violation (c'mon, it doesn't take a PhD).  The student wanted to know why the professor wasn't able to educate his fellow staffers on the commission.

The professor never would give the student a straight answer.

America has never gotten a straight answer.

And now we're so accustomed to government lying to us that no one bats an eye at its lies.


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