Saturday, October 12

Two more examples of Obozo spite and intimidation of ordinary Americans

Two more examples of petty intimidation and thuggery by the Obama regime:  In San Francisco an organization called LEAP sponsors an annual contest in which city school kids build sand castles.  The contest generates somewhere north of $250,000, which is half of LEAP's annual budget.

The organization uses the money to create student arts programs in schools.  This year would have been the 30th annual competition and was slated to draw 500 kids to Ocean Beach.

You'll never guess what happened.  The Park Service--acting on direct orders from the Obongo administration--told the organizers that if they set foot on the beach, "local law enforcement would be 'empowered,'” according to Julie McDonald, the organization's executive director.

Believing this was about the Park Service not having enough money to provide security, McDonald said the group offered to supply its own security for the event, but was informed by the Park Service that anyone who stepped on the beach would be trespassing.

A commenter noted that there are no rangers on the beach, and normally no lifeguards.  The Park Service isn't saving a dime, just depriving kids of fun and a school-arts organization of half its budget.

But the media keep telling the sheep that this is all--ALL--the fault of Republicans who refuse to bow to Obozo's demand that they let him do whatever he wants with the "budget", Constitution be damned. 

Oh, wait...the above story was by the NBC affiliate in San Francisco.  So at least a few facts are slipping through the Media Wall, at least to the locals.  I suspect the station realized the story was already well known to the locals so they wouldn't hurt Obozo's image by reporting it

In the second example, San Francisco’s privately-ownd Cliff House--located on federal land--was similarly shut down.  The restaurant isn’t funded by tax money and its 170 employees are all civilians, so earlier this week the owners decided to defy the shutdown and reopen.

The owners said the restaurant was losing more than $10,000 a day and was being forced to cancel long-planned wedding receptions and private parties.

But two days after the defiant reopening the owners said they received the first of "numerous" calls from officials in Washington, threatening dire consequences if they kept operating.  (The NBC story diplomatically phrased it as "laying down the law," which is ironic as hell, seeing as how there's no lawfulness in any of this.)

“When it came to the point if we didn’t shut down we would possibly never be able to reopen,” said Hountalas, “we had to do it.”

Re-read the last sentence and consider its implications.

Consider that the Obozo administration will now threaten private parties with complete loss of their livelihood if they don't obey its executive diktats. 

You can read other examples here, here, and here.


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