Saturday, October 12

Thug Democrat politician finally sentenced to 28 years. Media yawns.

Kwame Kilpatrick was a mayor of a once-proud, major U.S. city that's since decayed into the corrupt crap-hole called Detroit.  Kilpatrick's corruption and thuggery were well-known to virtually everyone, but carefully ignored by blacks and liberal whites--and most of the Dem-loving Mainstream Media.

After far too long in power he was finally convicted for one crime among many, and sentenced to 28 years in prison.  Which has finally prompted a very few former supporters to reveal that...uh...they had second thoughts all along.

Richard Fernandez wrote a great summary of Kilpatrick's reign.  One of the most telling vignettes:
There was the restaurateur who bristled every time Kilpatrickā€™s wife led her entourage into his establishment, partook regally of his hospitality, and left with no thought of paying the check, much less tipping the staff.
"No thought of paying the check, much less tipping the staff."

And I think, Where have we sensed this level of noblesse oblige before?  That attitude that "I'm the King and you all exist to obey my orders"?

Oh, yeah:  The golfer, Barack Hussein Soetoro, and his hyper-vacationing wife.

A commenter on Richard's site summarized quite well:
Black politicians are not "equal under the law" or judged by the content of their character. [Instead,] any charges of corruption, theft, abuse of office, or disagreements over policy involving a black politician instantly trigger countercharges of racism, which shield the misconduct until it can no longer be ignored despite the best efforts of the Democratic Party and the Media [no small redundancy there].

Granting that incumbency provides a level of legal immunity to any politician, but that level gets more impenetrable based on how far Left you are, and how much melanin one has.

Sadly, the institutions that have historically protected society from corruption--law enforcement, various inspectors-general, auditors, the media and Congress--are now nothing more than part of the enabling process for corruption.


And for the record:  I doubt there's a significant difference in the incidence of corruption between black and white politicians.  It's just that black pols seem to be so much more brazen about it.  Plus, as the commenter noted, the media and republicans aren't generally willing to pursue corruption charges against black pols because of the instant claims of raaaacism.


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