Monday, October 7

Park Service closes scenic turnouts at Mount Rushmore

One by one, reports are trickling in from all over the country showing how petty and thuggish the Obama administration and its minions were/are in waging the "I will never negotiate" fight over the "continuing resolution" to fund the continued operation of the federal government.

Closing the fucking *overlooks* along the Potomac was just a small example.  The federal government--which was originally *our* government--has also shut down parking areas that provided
views of Mount Rushmore. 

Naturally a lot of liberals don't believe that, because...Barack the Benevolent would *never* do something so petty and mean-spirited.

Yeah.  Okay, here's a pic:

The cones first went up Oct. 1.  Federal officials told the state the cones were a safety precaution to help channel cars into viewing areas rather than to bar their entrance.

This is astonishingly chickenshit behavior.  Sort of along the lines of "occupying" a bank lobby to intimidate its executives into forking over cash "donations" for your "social justice" fund.

And I'm not a bit surprised.

I'm looking forward to the first FOIA requests for emails and letters from D.C. to field offices instructing them on exactly what actions to take.  Seeing the exact wording will expose the shit-heads in the Obama administration for who and what they are.


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