Saturday, October 5

Obama orders Park Service to close privately-funded and operated historical park

In McLean, Virginia is a historical attraction called the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, which replicates life in the U.S. in 1771.

Thirty-some years ago it was apparently a national park, but in 1981, after a government shutdown temporarily cut off its funding, a bunch of local volunteers got together and said "Hey, we have enough people to operate this thing without any fed funds.  Why not go private?"  So they did, signing an agreement with the feds to do so.

That was 32 years ago, and its been running successfully ever since, without a dime of taxpayer money.  Until last Tuesday, when the wannabe-Nazis in the White House ordered the Park Service to close it, following the so-called "government shutdown."

But wait, you may can the feds shut down a park that doesn't belong to 'em?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Clearly you haven't been paying attention for the last five years, because Obozo blythely ignores EVERY law he wishes to.  It's really a bit comical: laws apparently mean absolutely nothing to the Democrats--though they will sure as hell come down on YOU like avenging Death if you dare to break one yourself.

So the park is closed, and remains closed.

Now here's the funny part:  Not a single Lying Media outlet seems to have printed or published a word about this story.  A search for "Claude Moore colonia farm +closing" turns up lots of stories in conservative outlets, but not a single one could I find in the mainstream media.

Apparently they didn't think it was newsworthy.  Gee, what a surprise.


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