Friday, October 11

Amazing hypocrisy from Reid on death benefits

A few days ago the Defense Department announced that due to the government "shutdown" it wouldn't be able to pay the $100,000 "death gratuity" (now there's an interesting phrase) to the families of service members killed in war zones.

As soon as House Republicans learned about this, they quickly drafted and passed a bill authorizing the Pentagon to pay the death gratuity.  The bill went to the senate, under the command of Democrat Harry Reid.

Meanwhile a private organization--the Fisher House Foundation--thought the refusal to pay the benefit was outrageous, and announced that rather than abandon the families of dead servicement they would pay the death benefit to families from their own funds.

Now behold the words of Democrat Reid in the senate, as he lies his worthless ass off trying to make this look lke a tempest in a teapot--and entirely caused by Republicans:
the death benefit issue has been resolved. The Department of Defense stepped forward and took care of everything. [Only after the Fisher House volunteered to pay the families, making the Obama administration look petty and spiteful.]  And so this issue is largely moot.
It’s clear the action on this legislation [the House bill providing funds to have the DoD pay] is now just for show here. We all agreed that it was a bad thing that the government shutdown led to this added grief for the families who had suffered such a terrible loss. Now we need to do what we can to prevent any further bad results — and there have been plenty of them — in other areas.
The right thing to do is to prevent more of these in other areas, and the House should just vote and open the government. The issues have been taken care of and it’s terrible that we even got to this point.
Did ya catch Reid's zinger at the end there?  "the House should just vote and open the government."  But the House has passed about ten bills that would appropriate the funds needed to run the government--but the senate, controlled by Democrat Reid, has refused pass any of them.

It gets even worse:  Reid has refused to even *bring the House bills up for a floor vote*, so as not to put his fellow Democrats in the position of having to go on the record as voting to keep the government shut down.

That's either clever or unspeakably evil/hypocritical, depending on your party.

Update:  Democrat functionaries all over the country--including the abominable media--got the talking points from the White House and Reid and echoed the same point:  The government should NOT pay a death benefit to families of service members killed in action as long as it was (nominally) shut down. 

Oh, but they *support the troops.*  Really, they do.  Oh, believe us, they plead:  We reeeaally support the troops.  Really?  Here's liberal radio host Bill Press spouting the talking point:
When you shut down the government, a lot of great things are not going to get done. And why should we make an exception for those that just happen to pop up and get a lot of media attention?
If you're skeptical, click the link.


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