Saturday, October 12

Blackmail from the community organizer

The Diplomad is a retired State Department foreign service officer.  He has a blog by that name, and has been nailing analysis for quite awhile now.  Here's his take on recent acts by King Barry (slightly edited):
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called Republicans "modern day anarchists,'' all because they do not swoon at the prospect of a phony government "shutdown" such as the one we now see.

Everywhere we look in America we see the chaos and tyranny generated by progressive thought and policies.

Liberal welfare policies create havoc throughout our society. What slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, and racial discrimination could not do, liberal polices have done, to wit, destroy the black family and turn millions of blacks into permanent wards of the state and of the liberal political machines that control most of our cities.

Liberal immigration policies, beginning with the disastrous 1965 Kennedy-Johnson immigration law, insure a constant stream of poor third world immigrants, forcing poor Americans to compete with the ultra-poor pouring in from Mexico, El Salvador, Bangladesh.

Liberal minimum wage laws ensure the disappearance of the starter jobs, once an engine for the poor to take the first steps out of poverty.  No one is calling for an end to "social programs" and government aid, but at some point the burden on the productive sector from rising taxes, a labyrinth of regulations and the constant presence of hostile government regulators and enforcers kills private sector growth. Let the poverty and misery spread!

In the last few days we've seen many examples of the chaos brought to our shores by progressivism, all highlighted by the phony government shutdown and the despicable boot-licking mainstream media. The "shutdown" has targeted popular national parks and monuments not because it costs much if anything to keep them open--in fact, it costs more to close them--but to inflict discomfort, generate confusion, and, yes, chaos.

The administration is using our National Parks to force its will on the People.  Park Rangers, once admired for their knowledge of American history, geography, flora, and fauna are now tools of spiteful repression. They're rousting elderly veterans out of the monuments built to honor those elderly veterans, and to prevent taxpayers from viewing the great parks and historical locations in our country, many of them partially, mostly, or even entirely built with private funds.

In sum, what do we see? We see the community-organizer tactic of using lies and chaos as tools of blackmail and extortion.  The Democrat-controlled senate refuses to pass any of the dozens of "continuing resolutions" passed by the House to keep government running, and then blame Republicans for the resulting chaos.  It's blackmail, pure and simple.

The president is the Chicago community organizer threatening the local landlord or McDonald's franchise with instability, violence, and disruption if he does not get what he wants. Imagine what he can do to you if he controls your health care.

Chaos in the service of tyranny.


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