Thursday, October 17

Yet another Obama agency chief spouts BS to congressional committee

Yesterday the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee summoned the head of the National Park Service to testify on why they chose to bar Americans from entering all of the open-air national monuments in the country.

The results were both revealing and amusing. Typical Obozo administration bullshit.

The guy said he had to shut down the open-air memorials on the Mall during the government shutdown because of terrorism, saying that closing them was the only way to protect them β€œin a post-9/11 world.”

Director Jonathan Jarvis told the committee his agency had received intelligence showing an increased threat since the shutdown began β€” but would not tell two House committees what those warnings were.

Yeah, right: With all the high-value targets in the country, terrorists are gonna attack an open-air monument. It's like attacking a parking lot or a field. But this guy wasn't gonna be shamed--they'd game-planned this story and were gonna run with it regardless.

Jeebus, they really do think we're stupid.

If I were Darryl Issa I'd go into closed session, demand that this evasive SOB reveal the *exact* intel==and provide a copy of the original warning to the committee.  And if he's found to be fabricating that, put the sonofabitch in prison.

Oh wait, Repubs don't do things like that.  So we'll just let this utter, brazen bullshit slide.  As Obama and Jarrett knew we would.

Enjoy your remaining few years of relative calm.


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