Friday, May 17

How vast is the divide between Dems and conservatives?

How big is the division between Dems and conservatives?  Read a few of the *comments* to this post at TPM.

Or not.  It would just make you ill.  The article describes how IRS division chief Lois Lerner revealed that her division had been targeting conservative organizations applying for IRS approval as tax-exempt organizations.  Some of these organizations had been trying to win IRS approval for as long as three years, only to see a series of increasingly detailed demands to turn over lists of their donors, lists of volunteer, lists of members, lists of their reading materials and so on.

The IRS even demanded that one conservative organization furnish the names of every student it had taught or planned to teach in the future.

But as far as all the Left/Democrat commenters at TPM are concerned, there's no problem.

As one commenter put it, "We don't really know yet if this is really even much of a scandal. Because the IRS says they weren't deliberately targeting the right wing."


When someone noted that the far-left Obama-supporting group "Organizing for America" had the tax-exempt status the conservative groups were seeking, Dem stalwart Mark Garrity responded "Actually these days Organizing for America is only about issue advocacy. Those issues coincide with the D agenda, background checks and immigration reform, but nonetheless we don't talk about candidates...."

Sounds like exactly the sorts of issues the Tea Party wanted to push their side of the story on.  But Democrats can't let conservative organizations do that, because it's wrong for tax-exempt groups to engage in issue advocacy.  Unless they support Democrat goals and politicians.  In that case it's just fine.

Every day it gets harder not to hate these people for their single-minded lust for power, and their willingness to overlook *everything* to maintain their lock on it.


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