Thursday, March 21

"Republicans are obstructing our efforts to keep government running. Wait..."

If you read any national papers you know that a staple of the MSM is griping about how *awful* those Rethuglicans are, cuz they're just such *obstructionists!*  I mean, the Dems are trying their best to move the country along but those awful, awful Rethuglicans just won't help!

Ever heard that bullshit song and dance?

Well let's see what's really up:  You know that "sequester" deal--the one Obammy blamed for forcing the gummint to eliminate tours of the White House and cut services at popular national parks? Republicans criticized those decisions, saying Obama was deliberately trying to make the sequester cuts as painful as possible for American families during the busy D.C. tourist season. 

So to solve that problem Senator Tom Coburn introduced an amendment to the trillion-dollar budget bill being debated, that would have cut $8 million from a fund that allegedly gives "Elvis cruises, wine trains, and Ukrainian Easter egg workshops," and would have used $5 mill of that to reopen tours of the White House.

“President Obama has called on Congress to take action to avoid the harmful effects of sequestration,” Coburn said. “This amendment uses the administration’s own recommendations to reduce funding for lower-priority Heritage Areas and shifts those funds to protect and restore access to the White House and our national parks and monuments.”

Sounds like a pretty reasonable, popular shift, eh? I mean, what would you consider more important? So you'd probably guess that it would have passed by a wide margin, right?

Hahahahahahaha! New to politics, are ya?

True to form, the amendment was defeated virtually on straight party lines yesterday, with members of one party voting almost unanimously to keep Americans from visiting the White House despite Coburn finding a way to make that happen at no net cost to the government.

Aaaaand...that party was...[drum roll]: the Democrats. Who of course have majority control of the senate.

You may wonder why in the world Democrats would want to keep Americans visiting DC from touring the White House. Well guess what? They ain't sayin' (and good luck getting a straight answer from the notoriously combative Harry Reid). But the best guess is that the Dems couldn't let the Republicans be seen as easily fixing this painful cut that Obama and the Dems were wailing about but apparently were totally unable to fix.

That is, it would show Obama and the Dems to be incompetent poseurs, and the wailing over the sequester to be political theater contrived by those unworthies to pressure the Repubs into rolling over.

Thus the amendment is defeated and the White House remains closed to Americans.

If you're a taxpayer visiting DC this summer you just got a giant Fuck You from the Democrats. In an ideal world you'd remember that before the next election.


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