Tuesday, March 19

Missile-defense? Totally unworkable! And unneeded. Oh, wait....

Remember back when Reagan was president, and proposed a missile-defense system for the country?

Remember how the Left and their friends in the Lying Media fell all over themselves in a rush to ridicule the whole idea?

First they gave it a cutesy, derogatory name:  "Star Wars."

"Can't possibly work," they said.

"Like trying to hit a bullet with a bullet," they opined.

"You'd need five million lines of computer code to run it, which could never be tested," they belched.

Remember all that ridicule and bullshit from the Left?  Yes?

Well now it turns out that the totally crazy folks running North Korea just claimed to have improved their atomic bomb enough to fit it on one of their long-range missiles.

And--whaddya know!--Barack Hussein Obozo has suddenly jumped on the "Hey, don't worry, folks-- we've got a missile-defense system!  So we'll just build two *more* missile-interceptor sites and we'll be ready for anything."

Tell ya what:  I'll bet ten bucks that with Barky in the White House not a *single* network or newspaper or magazine or White House "reporter" will even raise the question of whether a missile-defense system will work.  And no MSM outlet will ever mention that maybe--just *maybe*--Reagan and the Repubs were onto something when they supported research and development of a missile-defense system after all.

Isn't it amazing how often ideas that are derided as totally unworkable, impractical or unaffordable when proposed by a Republican president suddenly become brilliant and obligatory when the prez is a Democrat?  It's almost like there's some sort of hypocrisy at work...


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