Wednesday, February 27

Team Obama tweet moans about mil cuts, when cuts were their idea!

This is astonishing:  The Obozo administration has sent a tweet bemoaning the fact that the tiny proposed reduction in federal spending called the "sequester" will hurt our military.

The reason this is astonishing is that Obama and company were the ones who invented with the plan of automatic "deep" cuts to military spending because they believed that would force the Republicans to agree to whatever federal spending Obama and the Dems wanted.

Frankly, that was actually a pretty clever plan to roll the spineless, useless RINOs.  What's amazing is how brazenly the Obama camp is now moaning about how the cuts will hurt the military--leading the average voter to believe Obozo and company weren't the ones who proposed the automatic cuts from the outset!

This is truly "down the memory hole" behavior:  They know the Lying Media won't rat them out to the public about their breathtaking hypocrisy, so there's no down-side to being hypocrites.

But don't worry, citizen:  merely implying they didn't originate the sequester plan isn't really a lie. And besides, Team Obama would never lie about anything really critical.  Trust us.


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