Saturday, March 9

U.S gov't broke--but can afford $250 mil in new aid for...

Remember that ghastly cut to federal spending called the "sequester"?  How it was gonna be absolutely ghastly--would kill thousands of poor American children, to hear Barry tell it!--but was necessary to rein in gummint spending?

Anyone recall the exact proposed number of dollars to be "cut"?

$85 billion, give or take a couple of percent.

That cut was forcing Obama to eliminate tours of the White House, for God's sake.

Now, how many of you heard that one week ago Obama's hand-picked, clueless, traitorous (post-VietNam) Secretary of State visited Egypt and gave that country's new Islamic gummint--run by the ghastly, throat-cutting Muslim Brotherhood--$250 million in extra "emergency aid", over and above the normal, congressionally-allocated and approved number?

Lemme see if I got this straight:  The feral gummint is SOOoooo broke it has to cancel tours of the White House for tourists, but it can find a quarter of a Billion bucks to give to a bunch of primitive cutthroats in Egypt?



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