Monday, March 18

Crazy guy kills librarian. Whoops, no story here.

Near Syracuse, New York last week a crazy misfit male carjacked a woman and 10-year-old girl, raped the 10-year-old and killed the woman.

When a clearly-crazy teenager shoots a bunch of kids at a school you hear about it endlessly--it leads all the network news programs for at least ten days.  But you didn't hear about this--and other than this post, you won't--because the murder victim was an adult and the killer used a knife instead of a gun.

A knife??  Whoa, that doesn't fit the narrative!  Cuz, y'know, the official Party Line is that the problem ain't crazies or sociopathic thugs killing people--it's all those darn GUNZ!!  All them wacked-out GUNZ are gettin' out after dark and runnin' amok and shootin' people, all by themselves!

So stories about gun violence get huge play, but horrific knife murders?  Barely a word.

Oh, and one other plot element helped ensure this story got virtually no coverage outside the Syracuse area:  The killer had been wearing a location-monitoring ankle bracelet, which he cut off before going on his deadly journey.

Using GPS ankle bracelets to monitor parolees or low-risk crooks was an idea pushed by liberal pols who saw it as a way to avoid having to spend money to build new prisons.  Problem is, if the person being monitored wants to escape the monitoring it's trivially easy to cut the thing off.

If you click on the link above you'll see the lengths to which the obviously-liberal reporter for the Syracuse paper goes to disguise the glaring flaw in the house-arrest-by-ankle-bracelet idea:  The reporter writes that the perp "outsmarted the ankle bracelet that was supposed to keep the community safe."

Yeah, the reporter actually wrote "outsmarted."  Giving the reader the impression that the killer was unusually clever in being able to "outsmart" the bracelet.

That esoteric knowledge is called "wire-cutters."

I suspect this reporter belongs to the same group that's totally baffled by the fact that a few years after states start locking up career criminals for longer periods of time, the crime rate mysteriously falls.

It's amazing that "progressive"/leftist/Democrats see no connection whatsoever between locking up career criminals and a drop in the crime rate.  But then, these are the same folks who *claim* to truly believe that criminals will obey anti-gun laws.

Not sure if this qualifies as insanity but definitely irrational.


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